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Continuing Care                                                Family Commication   

The Evidence-Based, Best Practice, Intervention and Continuing Care model that I use is an ongoing process, covering at least six months; designed to help families and their substance abuser achieve long-term healing and recovery from serious, progressive, relapsing, chronic and/or life-threatening mental and/or physical health issues, including trauma and addiction.


Families will learn about their history of resilience. Coping is different for each family. The capacity to bounce back from difficulties is unique. 


Their loyalty toward one another will be the stimulus to build a new foundation of strength and hope.   


Services included in the intervention and continuing care is: ongoing meetings of the family support group, substance abuser and any relevant collaborating professionals at regular intervals for up to six months. Services may be conducted onsite or via video conference, telephone, and/or email.

Communication is the key to recovery.​

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