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Family Case Management

and Continuing Care 

The Interventionist facilitates communication with the family, other support group and treatment providers. 


This support group will work together to do the following:

  • Agree on what treatment style and program will be the best choice for the addicted individual. 

  • Agree on accountability for entire support group

  • Prevent premature dropout from treatment

  • Further promote long-term recovery for the entire family

This is accomplished by holding consistent and frequent family meetings, as needed for up to six months. Self-help meetings are encouraged and monitoring and accountability ensured.


As the family moves through their recovery, focus shifts towards establishing life management skills and relearning healthy ways of celebrating, playing, relaxing, and grieving together. The strengthens the ability to achieve long-term recovery and generational family healing.


Success for long-term recovery is dependent on all treatment entities working cohesively and utilizing the strengths and skills of each other.

 The Intervention Plan Agreement

The Interventionist will provide the following supportive services:

  • Hold Continuing Care meetings on a consistent basis, and be available for phone consultation as needed for up to six months.

  • Collaborate with treatment center.

  • Develop and implement a relapse prevention plan with the family.

  • Organize an emergency meeting with the family if relapse or other crises occur.

  • Provide psycho-education material and facilitate discussion for the family.

  • Promote long-term recovery for the whole family system.

  • Coordinate appropriate aftercare and planning for the recovering substance abuser when they return home and/or to the community.

Find Peace in Your Family
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