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Treatment Providers Information Page

The Interventionist works with the treatment program provider by direct communication. This collaboration consists of:

  • Communication with the interventionist to verify admission.

  • Secure a Release of Information for interventionist upon admission.

  • Only with the permission of the addicted individual's treatment counselor may they join in with the weekly family Continuing Care meetings, or more frequently if needed.

  • Allow participation of assigned therapist with family meetings, as requested/needed.

  • Facilitate process for substance abuser to receive the summary of family meetings.

  • Inform the Interventionist of treatment options.

  • Collaborate with the Interventionist with discharge planning.

  • Call the Interventionist and Family support group of any emergencies.

  • Call the Interventionist if substance abuser requests to leave program AMA, prior to providing him/her any AMA forms or belongings.

  • Call the Interventionist if requests to revoke any Release of Information, prior to facilitating his/her request.

  • Other collaboration as requested.

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