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Intervention Method

Make the Decision to Stop the Chaos


Making the choice to have the help of an addiction specialist to do an intervention with your family may be difficult. We make it easy for you to get more information by email your questions or making a call for a non obligation, confidential assessment. 





Free 45 minute consultation:

An intervention starts with a 30-60 minute complementary “First Call." That is when the family recovery begins. Giving support to the person of concerned is part of the first steps.


Then, together a plan of action is put in place on how to mobilize the entire family to attend the First Meeting to do an assessment. The addicted individual will be invited to the first family meeting along with all interested family members. 


First Family Meeting:

The family and support system becomes the stabilizing  factor in the Intervention. The goal is motivate the addicted individual to enter and complete treatment.


During this process, the best treatment option for the addicted individual is determined, whether inpatient, intensive outpatient, and/or outpatient treatment. 

The family will begin their own journey by working towards recovery and healing for themselves. I will work with the Intervention support team for a minimum of six months facilitating weekly group meetings and support for entire family. This will help ensure long-term recovery for the individual and family. 

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