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Jenny Harris a Certified Alcohol and Drug Interventionist

I Find Serenity Using Compassion

After Jenny's brother was murdered due to a lifestyle of  substance abuse, she realized she needed to find something meaningful in her life. She left a career in journalism to become a Drug and Alcohol counselor and Arise interventionist.

She says she has found "My Calling."  She channeled her grief to study the compassionate ARISE method of  non-confrontational intervention. 


She believes families are the key to long-term recovery, her work focuses on enhancing family connections in order to get loved ones into treatment. She has provided family intervention for over 15 years and has worked in different treatment programs in Sonoma and Napa counties. In addition, she is an independent family case manager and interventionist which allows for a wide-spectrum of facility referrals.  
When not doing interventions, meeting with families, teaching about addiction or supporting others, Jenny spends time hiking and doing photography. 

Intervention Method and Training

As a Certified ARISE Interventionist CAI-II, my intervention style and training reflects the ability to communicate in a style that motivates the addicted 

individual to get excited about their recovery. I help energize the support team and collaborate with them to lovingly guide the addicted individual to choose treatment and long-term recovery.


My experience as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor gives me insight into how to assess an individual for different types of treatment planning and case management.


The ARISE Intervention method is invitational. The individual needing substance abuse treatment is invited to the intervention or, what I call, the first family meeting. By using clear communication during the intervention, families will be able to enhance motivation for the addicted individual. 


My ability to stay calm during crisis situations will impede any emotional escalation, My level of understanding with the local community resources will help in the referral process. 


Jenny Harris

For more information on The ARISE Method of Intervention visit their website. 


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jenny harris

I am also a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor CADTP. I have been working in treatment for over 12 years and 18 years of family case management.

I use evidence-based best practices ARISE Model of Intervention. An important goal of this model is to  implement a new way for families to communicate. A major focus is stressing that everyone stop using blame, shame and guilt.

I spend time educating the family on the use non-judgmental and transparent communications techniques. 

I believe in the power of  showing respect to others. personality, spirituality, religion, lifestyle, gender and special needs.

I am available to take the The First Call anytime. 

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am willing to travel upon request. 

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