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“Recognized by industry leaders as the original Invitational Intervention protocol, ARISE® Intervention is an Evidence-Based, Best-Practice Continuum of Care with Intervention as needed. ARISE® harnesses the power of the family to achieve its mission for individual and family long-term recovery through Family Motivation to Change®.”





ARISE Method
  • Opioid Addiction 

  • Alcohol Addiction 

  • Drug Addiction

  • Online Counseling 

Using a compassionate Invitational Intervention®, the ARISE® Continuum of Care is a gradually-escalating process of respectful, gentle family meetings, that leads your loved one into appropriate treatment and recovery. Your Person of Concern is invited to join the process right from the beginning with no surprises, no secrets, no coercion, and absolute respect and love.

Jenny Harris Certified ARISE Interventionist and Family Case Manager

Speak with a Certified Interventionist

Location:  San Francisco; Bay Area


Addiction is a Family Disease 

Everyone in the family is affected by the addicted individuals' behavior. They fear losing their loved-one and it is becoming unbearable. If substance abuse is taking over the family and life is unmanageable: 



Safe and Trusted communication.

Take the guess work

out of family decisions.

How the 

 interventions work.

When Do You Call an Interventionist?

When life becomes unbearable from living with active addiction; asking for help may be the answer. Talk to a professional Drug and Alcohol Counselor. The time wasted worrying, enabling and catastrophizing can be used creating positive change.


I hope you let me help. I will guide you and your family to a place of peace. I will help you and your loved-ones find a safe place to discuss the future of your family.


Together, we will separate the negative behaviors from the person you love. Once a plan is developed the path will be easy to follow. This map to finding long-term recovery is attainable.  

Why You Need an Interventionist

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